Bardo beer is HERE!

And Bardo is in its 4th incarnation

25 Potomac Ave SE DC

Enter from the corner of Potomac ave and South Capitol St SE

750 outdoor seats, cornhole, river,  and beer

HOURS: Closed for the season. Open again Feb 2020.

Watch the Twitter feed for random days we may open when its above 60 this winter.

Bardo is available for private functions and fundraisers. Large and Small. With no charge for the space

Just contact us ( email or stop by) for more details

Bardo beer  descriptions

facebook   twitter-- @bardobeer  

Send us an e-mail at---  info {at}

Bardawg died this Autumn. RIP.

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Here are a few links, for you reading pleasure...

Press Clips-lots of reading material here

QT VR of Old Bardo interior one--- two--- three

for your Bardo reading pleasure